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Smart Voice Assistants

Experience the convenience of hands-free home control with a voice assistant.

Our Voice Assistants:
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A home that knows how to help.

From smart lights to smart locks, Google Home unites devices and services from Google and your favourite brands to build a personalised smart home to help with your tasks.

Control your home

Get the help you need, right when you need it. Just talk, touch, or tap to control individual smart devices, entire rooms, or your whole home from anywhere, through your voice or phone.

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Try out these smart home voice commands:

"Hey Google,"

"It's Dinnertime."

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"Hey Google,"

"Someone's home."

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"Hey Google,"

"Good Morning."

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The Google Home app

Customise and automate your home, and make it more organised, connected, and safer than ever before.

The app gives you a customised view of what's going on in your home. Pin your favourite smart devices so you see them in your home view. Control and manage your favourite devices, all in one place.

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The Ecosystem

Look for smart devices with a "Works with Google Home" or "Matter" badge.

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The Premier Smart Choice  

Book a session with us directly to find out how you can effectively smart your home.

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