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Wi-Fi Solutions

Experience high-speed internet at your own comfort.

Enhance Your Network

Experience the ultimate upgrade in home internet usage with high-speed Wi-Fi. Say goodbye to frustrating dead spots and enjoy improved Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home through our expert network configuration services.

Wi-fi test 1.png

How do we improve network configuration?

By consulting with you on your wi-fi placement at your home and identify optimal coverage areas using heat maps. These are the packages you will receive before your consultation:

Custom Heat Map

Visual representation of the wireless signal coverange and strength

2D Wi-Fi Floor Plan

Visual representation of the wireless access points placements

Heatmap Asset B4.jpg
Before Wi-Fi Enhancement:

1 existing router

Coverage: 42.0% (2.4 GHz)

Coverage: 54.0% (5 GHz)

Types of routers

Brands We Work With

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The Premier Smart Choice  

Let's improve your network configuration. Get your free consultation.

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Environment Solutions

Green Energy Solutions

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