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Environment Solutions 

Everything at your fingertips

Motorized Shade

Smart Curtain | Smart Blinds | Zip Track

Custom fabricated tracks and motor to control the movement of the curtain open and close seamlessly.


Remote control access with the app and voice control over your shading systems. 

Smart Appliance Control

Smart Hub | Smart Plug | Flic | Tv Casting |

Use the app or your voice to control your existing appliances such as TVs, Air-conditioner, Ceiling fans, etc.

Smart Hub seamless integration with no modification works for your existing appliances as well. Control from anywhere, anytime

Power Socket

Power Tracks

A convenient power socket that allows the whole family to use their appliances with ease.

Stay worry-free with its Patented Interlocking Safety Technology and finger-proof opening. Its premium materials with scratch-resistant surface treatment for its tracks is Made to last especially for you. 

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Hood | Hob | Oven | Fridge 

Reduce your time in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning to spend more quality time with your loved ones. 

Control Your kitchen appliances and always know what is happening through your phone.

Smart Appliances

Robot Vacuum | Smart Kettle | Smart fan 

Experience the convenience of having smart appliances to do your daily task for you. Ensuring your home's safety and providing efficiency to make your life a little easier for you.

Smart Sensors

Gas Sensor | Water Leak Sensor | Smoke Detector

Prioritize your family's safety and avoid any potential danger by getting notified of any water leak, gas leak, or fire smoke in your home through push notifications and alarms. 

Appliance Control

IR/RF Hub | Smart Plug

Easily turn your existing traditional existing home appliances smart with appliance control. 

Save your electricity by never forgetting to turn off your appliance. Easily control them anytime, anywhere through your smart devices

Voice Assistants

Audio Speaker | Video Speaker| Smart Home Theatre System

Improve your productivity at home by completing multiple tasks hands-free simply through voice commands.

Be able to set alarms before bed, reminders for the day, and control your existing home appliances just by talking.

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